What breed Chicken do I have?

Chad Nolen

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Sep 2, 2017
So we are trying to hatch our 1st batch from the chickens in our coop. We aren’t sure what kind of hens we have and what we will get from the hatch. We definitely have a Nice Rhode Island Red Rooster, but what are our hens? And what will we get when bred with our rooster?


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Is the 1 a sex link or New Hampshire?

What kind of Easter Eggers are the white one and the other?

The other brands I’m aware of
As far as I know, there isn't a difference between EE types beyond "bearded" and "nonbearded." I think 1's a New Hampshire. Your picture's towards the light, so it's a little hard to tell, but I don't see any white tail or neck feathers.

EDT: Also, the Barred Rock, when bred with the Roo, will give black, red-throated hens and barred boys. (Black Sex-links)
The New Hampshire will give what you'll see labelled as a "production red" on any hatchery site.
The EE's are impossible to say. The partridge coloring of the darker one almost always wins out over other colors, but no breed history, so I don't know what she's concealing under that color.
The white could be silver, dominant white, or recessive white. Dominant white x Red Columbian gives white with scattered black feathers, Recessive White could get black chicks, and silver would get you lemon/gold cockerels and red pullets.

EDT2: Obviously, RIRxRIR gets you RIR.
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Got it.

So when I breed with the red star? I will also get a mutt?
Red stars have white tails. I'm pretty sure your bird has a dark tail. And yes, it would be a mutt if she's a red star. If she's a New Hampshire, the offspring's a mutt called a Production Red (Like a labradoodle--a named mutt.)

EDT: And Red Stars are mutts in and of themselves. They're RIRs crossed with Rhode Island Whites.
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Looks like two Easter eggers,a barred rock and the light yellow/orange one looks like New Hampshire Red,have a ton of Mew Hampshires.

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