What breed/colour hatches as a chipmunk chick?

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    This is kind of a different question but which breeds or colours produce the chicks who look like little chipmunks? I think they're adorable! The more chipmunkie looking the better! .... So which breed/colour should I be looking for for the best chipmunk chicks?
    If anyone has cute pictures I'd love to see them :D.
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    Actually a lot of them do. Welsummers, easter eggers, light brown leghorn, rhode island red, barnevelders, speckled sussex - the list goes on. Even mixes will get it. Here's my broody with her mixed chipmunk chick:

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    Could you post a pic?
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    IMHO Easter Eggers make the cutest chipmunks with the crispest stripes. The others have chipmunky markings, and are really cute, but the extra fluffy cheeks of the EE are irresistible. (And in my experience, Rhode Island Reds are not chipmunks...they are red/gold chicks).

    You can see several types here:

    And at Cackle Hatchery if you type in each breed name.

    Easter Eggers and Welsummers make for good laying hens that have really good temperaments. Brown Leghorns are excellent layers, but tend to be flighty and noisy and not as friendly. Speckled Sussex are supposed to be very sweet as well. I've not had any experience with Barnvelders, but they lay a darker egg but not as prolifically as the Welsummer.

    My avatar is Ms. Marvel...a Wyandotte...probably Partridge or Golden Laced/EE mix...she was a fabulously pretty chipmunk as you can see in her photo. You can see Ms. Marvel's growth and my current EE chicks in the links in my signature line below.

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