What breed do my ducklings look?


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Mar 23, 2018
I currently have four ducklings and because I'm so new I don't know anything about them in case of identifying them, and sexing them. (Everything else health wise, such as what they need isifine) As far as I know the yellow one is a Pekin? I have ideas for the other ones, but I can't be sure. Can any of you identify these little guys?


I heard the yellow one is a Pekin, but I'm not quite sure about the other one. At first I thought it was a runner but I'm not quite sure. His chest always seems to be puffed out constantly like that, I don't know if that helps anything but i thought I'd point that out

How about these two? I don't have any ideas for the one with the black head but I have a idea for the stripped one. Someone told me they looked like they were going to be a mallard, but looking at mallard ducklings pics I wasn't quite sure :)

Anyways any of these seem familiar?
The dark brown one looks to be either a Khaki Campbell or a Golden 300. The one with the stripe also looks like a Golden 300. I tentatively agree on the Pekin, and have no idea what the other might be. Try taking a picture in natural light?


Golden 300 hybrid layer ducklings

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