What breed do you think this is?

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  1. JubileeFarms16

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    May 27, 2016
    We got an entire herd of rabbits from some people a while back and we have been trying to figure out what breed they are. I'm curious what you all think! I suspect a Harlequin Dutch mix.. they all have ewhite, brown/tan, black/grey colors. Some have white along the entire shoulder and front feet areas, some have it on their feet or just one shoulder. We have two with white tipped noses! The adult male that we have weighs 5lbs.
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    I see no sign of Harlequin on those two, though there could be some Dutch in the mix. The adult male you mentioned is the right size for Dutch, and Dutch can come in the Tortoise color, but those rabbits don't seem to have the type of purebred Dutch, nor would purebreds be likely to have so little white on them.
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