What Breed? EE, Something Else?


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Feb 17, 2015
I posted on another thread and thought maybe I'd just start a whole new one to not piggy back on anyone else.

2 weeks ago, we got 4 new chicks since we lost half our hens to a predator in November. They were 7 weeks old when we got them. We have 2 of the gray/silver and 2 black/gold. I am crossing my fingers they are all ladies! (I don't see any hint of a comb on any of them, and think I would at this point. We sure did with our Buffs at this point and stayed in denial until we heard crowing!) I am fairly confident the black/gold ones are Easter Eggers (probably not pure Ameracaunas and that's fine)- they have little muffs on the sides of their faces. The gray ones I'm not sure of. Another color of EE? Something else? The farm where we got them said Blue Wyandottes, which I seriously doubt. Their legs are grayish, not yellow and I don't see any lacing on their feathers. I'm good either way, I just want to know. Hopefully they can be seen well enough in these shots.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


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