What breed feather footed banty?


12 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
I stopped at the feed store and my son found 4 chicks which he wanted to get. I asked what breed and was told "banty". I said "yes, but what breed?". "They are feather footed banties."
sigh... So can anyone help me out on what these little ones are? The flash seems to washed the color out a bit.



It's too funny! I had just decided to look for a few banties and that is one breed I thought would be fun. Problem was I could not find any around locally and didn't want to order 25. My son found them at the feed store - only ones left. I told him I was sure they were sold - he went and asked. I got them for a buck a piece. Are they too young to tell sex yet?
You should be able to sex them in about 2 weeks. They look like they are 2 weeks old. I only picked one Mille Fleur, I thought my hubby would of been upset.lol. Hubby said no more chicks, but he wasn't and now I'm totally regretting not getting a few more. Luckily, I think mine is a pullet. Her comb is yellow and pretty small at 4 weeks.
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Definately look like mille fleur d'uccles. Such a great breed! I have 6 in my brooder right now.
You can sex d'uccles early, but do't be sure until they are at least 6 weeks. The roos get pink combs very early, and the girls maintain small yellowish combs. I had one roo pink up by three weeks, but my other two waited until about week five.

Those are nice looking chicks you got! They look healthy. Great find.
Yay, your post helped alot. I was down at the local tractor supply and saw some on these. The sign said "Stright Run Bathams" so I asked what breed, they said.... Bathams. lol I have been reading and looking all over and here is my answer. I have 4 at the moment, and 4 Cornish X. I am planing on geting some more x's and for sure some Rhoad Island Reds. If I like these guys maybe a few more..... lol

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