What breed & gender is this chicken


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Dec 25, 2020
I bought this chick back in april, and she was in the bin for rhode island reds. She was larger than all the others, so I just assumed she was the oldest and from the previous week. As she grew she very quickly grew in white speckled feathers all over her body, leading me to believe based off my research that she might be a speckled sussex or something similar instead of a rhode island red. Now she's fully grown and much of the speckling has faded except for on her head, but she still doesn't quite look like a rhode island red.

I also have no clue if she is a hen or rooster- she has a rooster-ish face, but nothing that is concrete evidence as far as I can tell. She's six months now, and hasn't crowed at all but also hasn't laid an egg yet. She also has this huge bump type thing on her chin that as far as I can tell is completely abnormal.

If anyone has any clue as to if she is a rooster or a hen, what breed she might be, or what the bump is please let me know!

I added a lot of recent pics of her and one of her as a chick! She's definitely been unique looking since she was young.


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