What breed is Grandma?


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Can anyone help me with what breed this is? I got Teresa as a young adult - probably around 5 years ago now. She was always grumpy, but very maternal. She's the only one of my hens who have gone broody, and was an excellent mother. I can still hear her screeching and hissing at anyone who came near her babies - adopted or own. However, she seems to have decided to retire. I can relate.
We call her Teresa because she looks exactly like a county supervisor by that name.

Thank you! She does have pretty markings - so it would be cool to know what she is.

Here's another picture in natural light, she does have feathered legs, I think. Although they're so short it's rare to actually see them! This is her with the first rooster we had, he was half bantam, so he wasn't real big. Our current rooster is his grandson.

Thanks, everyone, I googled pictures of cochins and I see exactly what you mean - the rounded back and body shape like they're wearing big, old-fashioned skirts. Not sure about the single comb thing... have to look more at pictures to see the difference.

Didn't find any that looked as good as her, though! The closest was a 'Partridge Cochin', but it was a lot darker. If she's a mix, that could maybe explain the markings, or can they be completely different like that?
Her coloring looks EXACTLY like my Buff Orpington x Barred Rock pullets. But she has feathered legs and a pea (?) comb... I would guess though that she's a Cochin cross, and probably a buff x barred cross. Hope this helps!
You know, I got a Buff Orpington from the same farm. She was about the same age, too. And one of Teresa's daughters looks like a Buff Orpington. The plot thickens...

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