What breed is our "Hen"rietta?


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9 Years
Jun 3, 2010
North Carolina
We now have a hen with 13 chicks after "Henrietta" crossed the road into our yard after being abandoned by former neighbors.
We have searched hundreds of photos of various breeds to try to identify her... but can't say for sure. She looks like a Welsummer, but the legs don't have the feathers. Can anyone help?

(I'm new to BackYardChickens... and don't know how to post my comment with a photo.)
To post the photo, you can either use photobucket and copy the image code or click up on the blue bar that says "uploads" in between "GFM" and "Recent Posts" when the new page comes up, click browse, select the photo, then submit. After it finishes you will see the pic and two codes under it, copy the Image one and paste it into your post.
Need pics but Welsummers don't have feathered legs

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