What breed is she?

Lilly the chick

May 9, 2017
I love chickens and I've never convicted my parents to let me have one, I learned quite a bit about taking care of them, so when I brought home Lilly (my chick) I was surprised my parents let her stay, they even got her friends! But I ran into a bit of a problem... I got her from someone who was giving her away, they said that there dad was gonna have to kill her if she didn't get a new home because the other chickens didn't like Lilly. At first I didn't care what she was, all that mattered was that I had a chicken and whenever I let her go around the house she would follow me. My boyfriend said his teacher thinks she's amaricano and so does another friend but idk, when I look at pictures some don't let ok right... I've only had her for a week and it's started driving me crazy, I don't care what she is but I need to know out of curiosity now.

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