What breed is she?


6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
Winder, Georgia
She has a bluish/green tint to her feathers and she lays white eggs!




Are these current pics of your girl? This is an immature female, and wouldn't be laying any eggs.
These were taken today. The other girls are older but are still the same breed as her. They are laying white eggs. She was just the only girl I could get my hands on! I have 6 others of the same breed. I was told they were black astrolorps and didn't think otherwise until white eggs started appearing.
Have you laid the eggs on a sheet of white paper to check the color? Some breeds lay pretty light brown eggs that can look white until you get them next to something really white. Can you get a picture of the adults, what is their skin and leg color? Most breeds that come in black that lay white eggs that have single combs have pretty big white earlobes, Minorca, Leghorn, Andalusian and Spanish are the four that come to mind.
Here's two pictures of the egg next to the paper it looks brown but alone it looks very white.

All the girls have dark black legs and large white earlobes. Ill try to get more pictures today.
That egg does look light brown or at least tinted in the pictures, but BA should have red earlobes. Looking forward to pictures, this is interesting.

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