What breed is this big boy pls?


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7 Years
Jul 19, 2012

He is aprox 5 months old - 1st crowed this morning! He is a real gentle giant and would love to know his breed xxx
No feathers on the legs at all.

He is anything but flighty....a totally docile, big gentle giant. He's lovely :) At the moment he has adopted 5 chicks (not his own) and appears to be like a broody dad......he takes them all to the waterer and feeder and doesnt let anyone else near them!! (except their Silkie mum). He has an amazing crow - very loud, long and deep??

I don't know if the pic shows it but he is going to be BIG. I mean he is not fully grown and is up to my hip when strutting and it really heavy.

I love him but really want to know what he is :)) xx

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