What Breed is this cute cockeral?


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In a order of meat birds (CxR) we got from McMurray last August we had two random chicks that we didnt order. One was our "Free Rare or Exotic" and was a feather foot. This guy were not too sure about. We have a couple guesses, but want some outside opinions. He is maturing much quicker than our other roo's and has turned into quiet the stud. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

I'm fairly certain McMurray doesnt deal in mixed breeds... I was thinking he was maybe a Brown Leghorn... but I'm no pro.
hatcheries do deal with mixed breeds, ex their americanas are actually ee's which are mixed and then theres the black and red sex-links which invole mixing 2 breeds together. now as far as he goes. leghorn is possable but i doubt it as he is missing the white earlobs and the yellow legs. he could very well be a mix of some sort but i doubt it. try sending them a pic of him and see what they say
But he doesn't look like any of the mixed breeds they offer. I have combed their catalog looking for this little Roo. So far no luck. I have also sent him a picture but didn't get a response back yet. However they are probably very busy considering they start shipping again on the 30th.
He could be a brown leghorn. Hatchery Quality. Hatchery's do have mixed birds and don't breed for quality. u will get birds that look nothing like they should. i ordered a partridge pendensca from a hatchery and got a bird that was similar but didnt have white earlobes and very lite blue feet
Well then a very pretty mutt he shall be!!

He just follows me around the yard and I was gonna order some ladies for him.
So I was curious as to what kind he was in hopes they'd have a similar temperment

I pride myself on having very friendly chickens. He just takes the cake! My husband says the bird has a crush on me.
I'd say he's more like a hatchery quality New Hampshire red, though that dark fluff under the tail is wrong
Brown Leghorn roosters (even hatchery quality) are gold duckwing pattern: black breasted, with red hackles and saddle
and Much lighter built with a bigger tail and comb.

New Hampshire Red:

There are some meat crossbreeds that color but MM doesn't handle them
- Walt

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