What Breed is This Duckling? *more pics*


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Oct 15, 2007
Thought I would add a couple of updated pictures. He's adjusted very well, without a buddy. He still has a little white poof on the back of his head, he's going to have a crest I'm guessing.
Any new guesses on the breed?




Sorry for the poor photo quality, camera phone. Its a rescue baby, poor thing is by itself right now because the chicks don't like it. I guess I will have to find it a buddy, its a needy little thing. Any guesses on the breed?
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I tried putting him with the chicks, but they didn't want to let him eat or drink. So now he is even more lonely!
If he can see me then he's ok, so his box is behind me at the computer desk. *ha* I'm going to pick out a buddy for him tomorrow.

Any ideas on the breed? He came from Ideal Poultry, so that kinda helps narrow it down.
Only two chicks right now, but they are 3 weeks old and very pushy. The wouldn't let the duckling eat or drink, and pecked its beak everytime it cheeped.
It could be a pet quality fawn and white runner. Mine from Ideal weren't really tall either. He could also be a saxony.

The duckling in my avatar was a single duckling. His name was Sprocket Pocket, because I kept him in my apron pocket during the day.

You can give him a mirror and a small stuffed animal to keep him company.
Oh goodness, a Runner...

Terrie, when it wasn't in your pocket, was it alone? This one is, and I'm afraid he's lonely. Mine rode home in my coat pocket.

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