What breed is this gal?


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May 16, 2013
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I got this pullet in with a group of mixed breed layers. They all ended up being really small...like OEG small, with the same build and coloring I would expect from that mix. A couple of them were obviously Silkie mixes. And then there is this gal. She is about 6 months old. BIG bird. Like almost as big as my purebred Salmon Faverolle rooster big. I would put her at over 8 lbs already. With a huge, squishable breast and the coolest personality. Grey legs, floppy comb. She just started laying and they are brown/tan. She was not hand raised, but she will follow me anywhere, just talking away!
The people I got her from hatch eggs for people and split the hatch, then sell the ones they keep, so she could have came from a multitude of people. I have my pens of purebreds, so having these mixed breeds is like a box of chocolates!
So....all you chicken experts....what IS this precious gal??!
Coloring is similar to some sex links I've seen with a buff orp roo over barred rock hens, but the leg color is wrong. She's a very pretty hen!
Pretty bird...I don't personally see Welsummer in her...she does look like she could have Buff Orpington and then something and possibly something else...definitely a barn yard mix...but those are fun as you get some really unique combinations and generally very healthy and solid laying hens.
Lady of McCamley
I agree she looks Orpington could be a buff Orpington over black Orpington. One may never know but as long as you like her guess it does not matter what she is.

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