What Breed is this Girl?


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
Got this young lady for a couple bucks at the local auction, at first glance I thoguth she was a White Leghorn & I have a BIG soft spot for those! Well sonce she's been here her come has really reddened up and become more erect, and well it's just plain short, lol. not LH at all! Either way she's still a cutie and she has really settled in with everyone so she's here to stay!
...now i am just anxiously awaiting the *first egg*!

What do you guys think?


I would agree. And not all Leghorns have the huge floppy comb, I have raised many Leghorns and had several female, and male birds for that matter, that had pretty small combs compared to the other birds. It wasnt a common thing, but it did happen every once in awhile.

She is Standard-sized just like a Leghorn... I don't think there's any Cornish in there though, she has very petite little legs that sit pretty close to eachother, not spaced farther apart like a Cornish chickens' are...... Maybe she is just a small-combed WLH

Well does she at least look young to you guys too?
She does look a little young. But she has yellow legs like a Leghorn, white earlobes, and has the same type as a Leghorn as well. Regardless of what she is, she is very pretty!

You have to remember, we live in a different country than you do so some breeds will not look exactly alike. She is for sure not a broiler or Cornish of any kind, her legs are far to thin and set to close together under her body.

I agree with the majority here that it's a leghorn too.
Based on the white ear lobes and it looks much like my two girls. One of which is getting a very large comb while the others is average size and not as red. They are same age.

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