What breed is this pullet?


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Apr 20, 2013
I bought a dozen chicks from Rural King on February 28. They had the chicks in individual stock tanks arranged by breed. I bought two each of ISA Brown, Brahmas, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Ameracaunas, and Welsummers and then one Jersey Giant and a bantam that wasn't breed specific.

So we are now several weeks down the road and my little flock is growing well but one of the Welsummers doesn't look like a Welsummer. So what is she? These aren't the best pictures but I can try to get better ones tomorrow in the daylight.

And it's the grey girl I'm wondering about. Her color is beautiful, a soft dove grey.
The picture is very blurry so I can't make our her legs or color pattern very well. Do her legs have a greenish tint? If so, she's an Easter Egger. Maybe you can get a clearer pic for us.
She is lovely isn't she? I'm guessing someone put her in the wrong tank at Rural King! Maybe a customer. But anyway she's very sweet and we are happy to have her!
And thanks to everyone for taking the time to look at the pictures and give an opinion!

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