What breed is this white pullet?


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Northern Colorado
I am assuming it is a pullet. It is a chicken I am thinking of adopting from the Humane Society. They claim it is a female, so I am guessing it must be young. Here is the photo they have.

I searched Google for white chicken breeds and saw a photo on this web page http://www.nsppa.ca/results.html of a White Phoenix pullet that looks similar to the one at the Humane Society, but with a longer tail. If that is the breed, I probably shouldn't get her because they are apparently not cold hardy and it can get very cold where I live! Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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I think it maybe a Cornish cross, i guess it could be a Asil cross or possible Tuzo, someone posted some tuzos awhile back that looked like it with a few minor changes. But i would think more along the lines of a Cornish/Asil cross. Not a pure one though.
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Shes definately not a plymouth rock.

I am guessing she is some sort of game, or game cross. I dont know enough about seperate game breeds to help you, though. Sorry.

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