What breed is this?


Mar 21, 2018
West Texas
Can anyone tell me what breed these are? We got chicks from TSC Sunday and they had bin labeled only as straight runs that we got these 3 out of. If the pictures aren't great I can take more! The third chick looks like the first picture.
The brown and white spotted one is probably a Speckled Sussex, and the yellow one is maybe an Orpington or New Hampshire? Not sure of the others. Good luck with them!
Thanks for the reply! We got 7 pullets from the speckled/red Sussex bin then 3 Cornish pullets and the other 3 were from the straight runs bin and that's where we are lost.

Here's better lighting of the reddish colored one and the yellowish grey next to one or our Cornish cross girls then alone.
Thanks for the pictures. :)

It's pretty hard to tell at this age, but the lighter ones, like I said, maybe Light New Hampshires, or Orpingtons, or even Red Stars? Difficult to say, sorry! And I think the little reddish guy might be a Rhode Island red. Very cute!
Thank you so much! We will wait til they get feathered then. Honestly had no idea there were so many different breeds! This whole experience will be an adventure for sure.

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