What breed is this??


Sep 10, 2019
Wings are turning slightly bluish purple. I don't know if it's a runner or a cayuga.
Anyone know if its a male or female? at first i thought it was this one that was quaking loudly then it became very quite. then my rouen became the loud one. Please help.
We have multiple of the dark brown runners and when they quack it is very loud while our flock of free roaming male runners have a constant raspy voice and constantly pick on each other.
This one is almost completely black except for edge of wings. black feet. and doesnt pick on the other two rouens i have. has quiet voice but used to have super loud quack.
If you would like I could try and get in a few photos of our quacks for reference
If you wouldn't mind please! I just am really hoping she is a female. i have a male and female rouen, so having another female would be great. Either way i still love him/her!

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