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Mar 10, 2011
This is our first venture into keeping chickens. I went to the local co-op two weeks ago and bought 6 buff orp pullets and 1 buff orp cockerel. I'm beginning to wonder what type of cockerel I got. Can anyone i.d. this one at two weeks old for me. The cockerel chicks were mixed two breeds into one brooder when I bought them. I will not say what the other was so I don't influence opinions. I'm pretty sure he's a rooster just from observing them and this one acts different than the rest. This one seems more protective of the rest and herds them so to speak when we reach in. Thanks for any help.
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Thanks, RIR was the other breed in the brooder with the Orps. I didn't know the difference. I just thought the person getting them out would know the difference and this one had a darker back which I thought was the difference between the male and female. Sort of disappointed since I thought the adult Orps were so cool looking and they are supposed to be great for kids with their disposition. I like the adult RIR roosters too.

That being said. Will I have trouble between the RIR Rooster and the Orps or since they are growing up together will they all get along? It seems opinions on the RIR are that they are a bit more aggressive than the Orps.

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Production Red/ Hatchery type Rhode Island Red (same thing when/ if you get/ got them from a hatchery)

Actually, what confused me is folks keep saying that Production Reds are the hatchery RIRs, but that isn't necessarily true. Ideal sells both RIR and production Reds as two different breeds. I've seen them both at the feed store here in separate brooders. Either way, the hatchery stock is not the true, almost-black RIR.

From Ideal's site:

Production Red

Production Reds are a brown egg layer that was developed for efficient production of large brown eggs. Crosses utilizing Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire Reds were used in the development of this breed, which is Ideal's most efficient producer of large brown eggs. Since they have brittle feathers and because their body size is relatively small for the size eggs that they produce, they are more susceptible to cannibalism and are not recommended for high-density wire laying facilities.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds are an old time, well-known American breed, which was developed in the state of Rhode Island. A distinct characteristic of this breed is their horizontal, oblong body, which is deep, broad and long, sometimes described as "brick shaped". They are an excellent dual-purpose bird that efficiently produces large brown eggs. From the time they are chicks until maturity they may have white on the wing tips, but when they are fully matured they should not have any white feathers.

Standard weights at maturity are males-8 1/2 lbs. and hens-6 1/2 lbs.​

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