What breed of hen is she got couple


8 Years
Aug 18, 2013
Got black bantams but some how got peerd white one hen she was born this summer named her odd ball her mother is black her sisters are black. have one brother who is black dont know who is the father cuz I got 5 rooster. I do have one rooster who is brown and white mixed. Could that be why? And I have americana hens but I Don't know what typed of color breed they are u know what I mean I do have pics sorry not good speller sorry


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She's just a cross. If you're asking how she is white, I'd hazard a guess to say her parents carry a recessive copy of the White gene. As luck would have it she inherited one copy from her father and another from her mother and as such she's solid white.

My Silver-laced Orpingtons carry Recessive White.


So I'm able to breed Recessive White Orpingtons as well.

I know what breed she is. she a bantam mixed. I need to know what color breed. like there is different color names of americana chickens like Wheaton all the father roosters are black like i said except one is brown and white mixed even if it came from your own flock sometimes u dont know.

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