What breed of rooster is this?

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    Hello all! Just curious as to what type of rooster I have. We found him downtown running through traffic one day and have had him several months now. We introduced him to our flock of chickens (2 silkies and 6 rhode island reds) and after a little while they all got along fine (well, sort of). He has a main squeeze; 1 of the silkies he hangs out with all day and shares a box with at night. The only problem is that he is very mean to one and sometimes 2 of the RIR chickens. One in particular he will not allow out of the hen house to free range or even get water! She stays high up on her roost and is soo skinny now so we've resorted to seperating the rooster now while the chickens free range and are considering finding him a new home. Anyway, any insight as to his breed would help. He is a huge guy, at least 15lbs and stands taller than my mini pig (who is not so mini and tallet than my medium sized dogs. [​IMG]
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    I'd say a crossbreed with heavy New Hampshire Red background.
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