What breed of turkey is best for thanksgiving?

There was a taste test done in ohio that claimed the white holland tasted the best and burbon reds second. This year we are raiseing BBbronze for thanks giving.
a cooked one
oh sorry, I had to.
Actually, it's the Midget White that comes in first. It actually depends on how many people you are feeding. Just the family? That Midget might be your best bet. If you're feeding a small army you might want to go with a standard Bronze if you're thinking about staying with heritage breeds. If you're going hybrid any Broad Breasted breed will be ready in about 16 to 20 weeks.
Our favorite is the Midget White by far over the others we raise. For the breeds we raise here is our taste ranking

1) Midget White
2) Bourbon Red
3) White Holland
4) Standard Bronze
5) Beltsville Small White
6) Royal Palm - we don't normaly process the RP they are more of an ornamental bird.

Size wise

Midget White & Beltsville the smallest

Bourbon Red medium sized

Standard Bronze and Holland largest.

Steve in NC
thanks everyone we decided to wait till early next year and get a dozen fertile eggs as soon into the begaining of the new year as we can and get White hollands and put them in the quarter acre pen where the 2 butcher lambs are this year.

Is there a good byc breeder you would recommened?

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