What breed rooster is this?


8 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Central Ohio
When I purchased my Red Star chicks, I received a surprise chick that is a crowing king!
He started crowing before 6 weeks of age.
I would like to know what breed he is! I will be keeping him regardless of breed, as my son has really taken a liking to him, and hand feeds him everyday.
Shortly after learning to crow, he became an outcast, and he was run off all the time, and was showing signs of not eating enough so my son started feeding him.
I have named him Chase because he gets chased off all the time. Even though he is the oldest at 12 weeks, he is by far the smallest. I know his breed has a lot to do with that, but not eating much there for awhile probably does as well.
I am just curious, and thanks for any feedback on this matter.
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He's a Silver Lakenvelder.
Yep, a Lakenvelder rooster. You can go to the website of the hatchery you ordered from and they will tell you about them. They're not especially common here, probably why you've never heard of them.

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