What breed(s) are these???? Help please and thank you much!


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Ok, I know I have Red sex links, polish, silkies, Appen, GLW, and EEs in the bunch but what are the others?(my parents decided to surprise me with a bunch of this years stock from TSC they got from someone.) I finally was able to put them all together)



Mistery Hen-there are 7 of them, well 6 and a roo)

Is this an EE? Not tale and muffs. It is a hen I know that for sure.
Sorry about the size. I resized them all, apparently it didn't work, although they looked resized on the post preview...
buff opr and yes an ee the white with a little black one the the middle of pic one looks like a spitz (aint patterned right for a polish) if so the head featjers should be shorter and a little different
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The "mysteries" are hatchery quality buff orpingtons. The red with white are red sex links. I think I see a lone production red, GLW, and an appenzeller spitzhauben. 2 buff brahmas. Lots of EEs.

I don't see any silkies. I'm not sure about the whites... maybe white giants, with the blue shanks on that one? The ones with yellow shanks, I'm not sure of.
The ones I know I have are 2 tetra tints, about 8 golden comets, 1 RIR, 3 silkies, a RIR silkie mix(Rooster), A SL polish, an Appen Spitz, a GLW, 1 white EE, 1 Black EE, and a couple of other EEs, 2 Buff Brahmas.

So the the others are BOs? Hatchery quality. I just realized that I didn't get any of the other chickens in question. They are white with black specks here and there. Some more than others. All have orangeish feet.

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