What breed(s) are these hens?


Feb 8, 2016
What are the breeds of the following hens? Thanks!

Thank you!

I got them from someone liquidating their collection of heritage breeds just 15 minutes from me, but the person who met me there didn't know the specific breeds, so I just picked out my favorites :) So glad there's rocks and chantecelers in there!

Not sure what the skin color is on that hen. To be an Australorp, what color should it be?
I don't think #1 and #3 are chanteclers, they don't have the same body shape. But, the only other white chicken that I can think of with red earlobes and a comb like that are white wyandottes. As for the others, #2 is a white rock, #4, #5, and #6 are silver pencilled rocks, #7 is a red sex link, #8 is a partridge rock, #9 is an australorp, and #10 and #11 are easter eggers.
I agree with @TheKindaFarmGal, the pictures are great and your chickens are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! :love
I'll take a guess on the breeds, too! (Though I know my guesses are the same as some of the others'). :)
#1. White Wyandotte, I'd assume, as the comb doesn't quite remind me of a cushion comb, so no to the Chantecler if it's not one. (Though, to be honest, is there such a thing as a White Wyandotte?)
#2. Plymouth White Rock, I'm assuming (unless she has a white earlobe, then she's not that). And #3 is probably either that, too, or what number one, is, as I can't quite tell if her comb is actually a single one or not.
#4, #5, and #6 remind me of Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks.
#7 might be a Red Sex Link.
#8 reminds me of a Double Laced Barnevelder.
#9 is a Black Australorp, and, if #10 has a single comb--as it's a bit hard to see from that angle--then she's a Black Australorp, too.
And #11 looks like a Black Ameraucana; pea comb, muffs, slate legs; that points to that breed, I believe. :)

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