What breed(s) is Rose?


12 Years
Dec 18, 2007
Catawba County, NC
I'm wondering what breed or breeds my little pullet Rose is. I was told she's a Red Star, but the other chick I got with her turned out to be a BO. Rose has white legs, but almost no comb or wattle development yet. She's also much smaller than the BO, who is supposed to be the same age. I believe she's 18-20 weeks old. She also has a bit of black at the ends of her tail feathers. The person who hatched her has Red Stars, BO's and GL Wyandottes.
She is in the background here.

Rose is on the right here

Again, she's on the right.

And in the background again here - did I mention my poor little Rose is bottom of the pecking order?
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Wow. I have a BO named Rose on the bottom of the pecking order...and I have a BO named Violet too. I chose their names from the british comedy "Keeping up appearances" I have a Daisy and a Hyacinth and I had a rooster named Onslo. Is that how you chose your names too or are you going with Flower names?
Both, actually!
I decided on flower names for my flock, but we decided with these first four to give them the "Keeping up Appearances" names. When we thought Violet was a rooster, she was named Onslow. And the boss hen is - of course - Hyacinth!

Thank you so much for your input, Cynthia. I'm looking forward to watching Rose grow.

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