What breed/sex are these? Bantams is all that I'm pretty sure of.


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So, a couple of weeks ago, I bought 6- one month old chicks from a woman on Craigslist who obviously had no idea what she was doing/what she had. The box was only about 1 1/2 ft sq, one had been plucked of all tail and neck feathers, and she didn't have the breeds that she said she had. I have determined that 2 are probably white leghorns, 2 are production reds or red sex link hybrids, and the other 2? no idea. She said they were dominiques on the phone. NOT! I'm leaning towards wyandott or something, maybe some welsummer? I'm assuming she got them at TS or RK. So, here's some picks. Pretty sure these are bantams since they are so much smaller and lighter than the other 4, and their feet are much smaller and delicate. They are not quite as red as the photos may suggest. But they do have goldish feathers across the nape. Their tail feathers lay almost straight out and don't stick up like the other breeds. One is darker than the other, I'm hoping one isn't a cockerel. But he does have that look in his eye like my only other rooster did. As you can see in one photo, I had to trim their wings since they were such awesome fliers. Any ideas folks?

these last 2 are pics from a couple of weeks ago.


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Light brown leghorns - if pictures 1-3 are of different birds they are pullets. Can't tell much from the picture of the two together.

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