What breed/sex is this chick, 3 weeks old


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Aug 20, 2013
Is it normal for White Rocks to start getting some black and gray on their wings at 3 weeks? She's mostly white still, just just has some speckles in her wings in a few areas. I'm starting to wonder if I got a Delaware instead!

Also, is she a roo? Pictures to follow
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Lol she was freaking out when I took these so it took a few minutes.

*ETA: crap. After googling, it looks like a Delaware roo to me now. :( I can't keep roosters. i'd love to hear other people's opinions! These are my first chicks, so I don't know anything.
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DARN, I thought that's what you'd say lol. I guess he's going back to the farm I got him from...destined to be a meat bird. He's so sweet, but there's no way I can keep him :(

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