What Breed/Sex? Please.


Jan 1, 2016
Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia
I have 7, 5 week old chicks. I had Olive Egger, Swedish FLower Hen, Beilfelder, Cream Legbar and Blue Ameraucana eggs. I am pretty sure none of these are Ameraucana as I did have one hatch and die and it was distinctly blue. I know for a fact 3 of them are Olive Eggers b/c I hatched them in an incubator. The other 4 chicks are a mystery to me b/c the broody hatched them. 3 of the chicks have feathered legs and I have been assuming that they are the Olive Eggers. 2 of the chicks have greyish/green legs. It's was very difficult to get photos so I apologize for posting so many. I'd love to know which ones you think are pullets/cockerels and what breeds. Thank you in advance!!!


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