What Breed Should I Use to Infuse New Blood In These Treasures?

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    Jan 23, 2016
    Okay, Folks, I got a Pyncheon chick by accident. She was with an order of a neighbor's chicks and she got the layer of her skin removed by the larger breed chicks. I adopted her. I fell in LOVE! Awesome breed! I have searched far and wide and can only find Privett Hatchery ( the source if this chick) to have this breed. Rusty Hart mentioned on another thread that Privett bought out a breeder of Pyncheons several years ago. Loretta;) does have good color legs but her general coloring isn't great. It is NOT the same Mille Fleur pattern as other breeds. I have enquirer with folks who used to breed this bird. Very nice and knowledgeable folks much more so than myself. The question I have for you all, "What breed of chick could I cross these guys with to infuse new blood?" I figure I will order good quality stock of the outcross and infuse some fresh blood in this line. This is an awesome awesome bird. I have all friendly chickens;);) and am impressed by her attitude and demeanor. They are said to have a sweet personality and be broody. I know this gal was hand raised but I have read a lot about this breed and they are a true treasure. If anyone has ideas, I welcome them! If anyone wants to share in my project, let me know! I am open to all ideas! Many thanks!!! Also of someone thinks this would be better on another Forum, I will place there. I am a model aged lady and really would like to get this breed going again! They are so lovely and sweet!

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