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Mar 11, 2021
I asked for two black australorps at Rural King back in March and pretty positive neither ended up being black australorps, ha! I asked people their thoughts back when they were only a few weeks old but now they're 27 weeks, so I'm going to post again and see if anyone knows. I think it's possible they're mixes too, so it may not be obvious.

Clare - all black, bigger, feathery legs on outside of legs but not inside of legs, super friendly. I was told she could be a black copper Maran or a black cochin. Her eggs are very dark brown and large.. she was last to start laying. Thoughts?

Agnes - black with copper around her neck, clean legs. I've been told she's a black copper Maran and I've been told she could be a black sex link. Her eggs are light brown and always have dark brown speckles.. Thoughts?


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Interesting! I just looked up the MMM and it definitely could be. She does look like that. I've never noticed brown mixed in though, but other then that she looks like the pics. Thanks for sharing this!
Many of them are pure black. She's not black copper, she's black. So either of mixed varieties like the cross I listed, or a Black Marans!

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