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May 15, 2012
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I absolutely love this chicken. I recently acquired her from someone who wanted a younger flock. She is sweet & will let me pet her when she is on the roost but also is flighty. I do not know what color eggs she lays as she didn't lay any while in quarantine. She has a blue sheen that is not seen in the picture. I have my guesses of what she is by looking at different pictures of breeds but would like expert opinions. Thank you!

I do not know the breed of that chicken, but she is a cutey! As far as the color of her eggs, I believe she will lay white eggs. As I understand it, chickens with white ear lobes generally lay white eggs and chickens with red ear lobes generally lay brown eggs. Usually. LOL

Enjoy your new chicken!
I am fairly certain that is a welsummer hen but welsummers lay chocolate brown eggs. Not sure about the earlobe, but welsummer feathers look exactly like that.
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Thank you for responding everyone. Even if you didn't know. :)
I'm finding I'm loving this group. My guess was Welsummer or Penedesenca Partridge. I thought the Penedescenca was darker however, looking at images online I really having a hard time distinguishing between the two. Anyone have any thoughts?
welsummers have red earlobes along with a heavier body type and this particular chicken has white earlobes and a slinder body so that crosses them out


partridge Penedesenca's have white earlobes but they have slate colored legs which in this case yours has yellow which again crosses this breed out


brown leghorns have white earlobes and yellow legs which yours does

I seen thse chicken and they made me go wow . just wondering if someone can tell me what they are , im guessing laced seabright / polish cross. I gotta get one of each :)

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