What breeds are these chicks?


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Apr 25, 2012
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Hello im updating a post of my chicks, i know 3 are polish, and 2 small ones look like Bantams. Im a little confused on the others, im thinking either some king of sex link, if so they can be mixed with many different breeds correct? Or maybe Easter Eggers bc i saw some chicks that look just like mine. Also if anyone hs comments on their sexes, its probly to earlr though. Here they are!

This one the gray/blue is my fav and im hoping shes a pullet. Shes getting puffy head and the others look more like mohawks.

That yellow/broown one im not sure i was thinking either sex link or easter egger?
Same with these 3 wasnt sure either?but their wings(the biggest one) are brwon/black/goldenThese are the two little bantams, i believe.
And last this little one, SL or EE or maybe other? Thanks(this is what the big ones wings look like)
i see a white crested blue and black polish, 2 bantams look like either sebrights or wyandottes (golden) other than that i have no clue at this age lol
Ya thats what i was told about the polish, i cant wait untill they grow and hope at least 2 are pullets. I looked up sebrights and the wyandottes, im leaning more towards the sebright, and hope they are bc their gorgous!

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