What breeds are these ladies?


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Apr 26, 2011
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the little chipmunk striped one looks like what all of my EE chicks hatch out to be. and that red one might be RIR? I don't have any idea on the others...the chicks can be so different from the fully grown bird coloring! cute little babies, either way!

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Mar 19, 2011
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It's hard to tell when they are in the half fuzz and half feather phase as they don't look true to breed as day old chicks any more, and they don't have enough adult feathers to look like the adult breed they will be either.

My guesses would be...

The green legged/slate colored legged chicks are Easter Eggers...you can tell by the green legs. Those are easy...chipmunks with green legs will be Easter Eggers.

Chick in photo #3 from top really looks like it will be a Red Star (Gold Star/Red Sexlink/Cinnamon Queen all the same thing). Might be a Production Red though, but that much white with the red makes me think Red Sexlink.

Red chicks in photo #1 look like Production Reds/Rhode Island Reds as do a couple of other red chicks in the photos.

You'll know when they feather in...Production Red/Rhode Island Reds will be darker red/brown with black tipping on tails and often wings. New Hampshires will stay lighter red/orange and have black tipping on the tail. Red Sexlinks (and all the derivatives) will be red-orange with white lacing throughout or just at the tail...but definitely white at the tail.

You look like you'll have a partridge type bird in last photo, 2nd from right...from that angle looks like a Plymouth Partridge Rock.

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