What breeds are these two?


Sep 12, 2016
Woodville, TX
The grey one was a free bird from Murray McMurray hatchery. I also think its probably a roo. Its 3 weeks old and barely any wing and tail feathers. He has feathered legs. Don't think he is a bantam as he is as big as my other 3 weekers.


The yellow/white one came from TSC. We bought some Cornish rocks that were on clearance because they were 2 weeks already. Well they stick this one in there. Not sure the breed on it. This one too has feathered legs. I think it is a pullet.

My son was thinking cochin as well. We did think faverolle but it has 4 toes. (we have 2 grown favs and they have 5). That and I haven't seen Favs for sale at our TSC. I'm trying to think of the breeds they had up there, maybe they just mixed some up.
We managed to get 3 more of those little yellow chicks when we bought the rest of the TSC cornish cross. (they were on clearance for $1, way less than the hatchery + shipping and they were 3 weeks along) I can't find any other breed than faverolles. It's just weird they have 4 toes and TSC wasn't selling any faverolles. I'm assuming they came from the hatchery mixed with the CC.
So update, the little blue cochin still hasn't gotten most of his feathers, lots of fluff still.

But, the white chicks, those are turning out to be white brahmas. They are getting the neck markings exactly!

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