What breeds do I have?


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Feb 23, 2008
I'm not sure what I got at the last swap meet, any ideas?
Thanks, Larrylofts the guy at the swap thought the capuchines were priests, but he didnt act sure of himself.
The top ones are more than likely Archangel crosses, although there are some more rare breeds that I have pictured in my mind, that look kinda similar. They are old and probably not in the US though.
The last picture is a flying Tippler, not a roller.
They are a highflying breed. Probably the best there is when it comes to staying in the air for long periods of time. If they are in good health and condition, they can stay in the air for 22 hours without stopping. But of course if they are hungry, you can call them in to eat if you don't want them out all day.
I hope someone can helpme.

I don't have a way to add pics right now.

Haven't owned a pigeon since I was a teen and that was a long long time ago.

I went to the poultry auction down the street from me and show 2 beautiful pigeons. I just feel in love with them. They look like the two in this thread that are black and white and have the frilled neck, but different areas of the same color.

The have black faces, rumps and tails. The rest of them is all whie. No markings on the wings, just pure white. I love these guys. I looked at pigeons until 4 am Tuesday morning trying to find some like these. Lostest were "Nuns"???? I have absolutley no Idea other than I would get more if I found them. LOL I'm sure they are both males. They look exactly alike and sure no one sent hens to the auction.

Any ideas? I know it's hard without a picture.

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