What breeds do we have? (new owner)


Mar 15, 2018
Upstate, SC
Hey all - new owner here and have been asking lot of questions and getting great answers so thank you all for your help!

I was curious if we have what we think we have. We were supposed to get 2 Blue Cochin (one sex of each) and 4 Laced Wyandotte of different coloring (all female). I think we definitely have 2 Cochin, they already have feathered feet and are the right coloring (I hope).

They are also supposed to be between 4-5 weeks old so I stuck my hand behind one really big one and one smaller one. I am 6' 2" with good sized hands for reference.

I hope the link below works to see them. There are some multiple photos if I thought angles were better.

I see some barred rocks, a gold laced Wyandotte, and a bunch I'm unsure of. I don't think the feathered leg ones are cochins and they aren't blue. We're they from a hatchery? Too young to sex, look like 2-3 weeks old to me. Post more photos in question month or two.
I added one more bird, I forgot one of the "Cochin"!

They were from the local "chicken lady". She is somewhat known in the area and has a few Hundred chickens she raises and sells. Tons of breeds from super common to some really strange looking birds. Only thing she didnt have for sale the day we went were Silkies but she had tons running around.

They were supposed to be 2-3 weeks old when we bought them which was 2 weeks ago! I've been wanting to get them outside soon but maybe they're too young if they are only 2 weeks old now.
It's possible some are mixed than. You may get some better guesses in the breed and gender forum. It's been a whole year since I saw a chick so perhaps they are closer to 4 weeks. :)

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