what breeds have dark tinted skin??


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I have recently hatched my own chicks. my roo is an EE (in my avatar) of course I don't have any idea what breeds he has in him, I have some EE girls and RSL girls. a few already have green leggs which are adorable, but one has very dark colored skin and I wonder what breeds carry that trate?

I know the silkies have dark skin, but I don't think that is in this blood line at all.

any suggestions would be great! I will try and get picks of the chickies soon
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Silkies and Cemanis. I'm guessing that it would be Silkie blood as Cemanis are very rare. Pictures would help.
that's the only two?? I really don't think there is a silkie strain anywhere in this mix. the momma hen is an RSL hatchery stock and the Daddy EE I got from a guy a few miles away...not sure where he got them from. but he didn't have any silkies in his large flock
I'm not sure...but going by Henderson's chart Silkie is to only one with black skin....But Spanish, White-Faced Black Spanish, Spanish White Ear, or Clownface (all in one category) have gray skin and Langshan have grayish white skin. I don't know if that helps but at least it will give your post a bump.
But Henderson's chart says yellow skin
???I'm confused???

That's false, I've seen most of hatcheries information is. But it is truth that the Sumatras at one time were dark skinned, black bone, organs, blood etc. Like the Cemanis, there isn't any information to back it up due to lack of documentation that far back (before the gamefowl owners imported the Sumatras for their fighting traits). But i believe the Sumatras were Cemani crosses, as in the Cemani history you can see there were a lot of Cemani crosses running around and being the Sumatras were all black like the Cemanis and are both from Indonesia i believe if the Sumatras aren't a cross from Cemanis, they're at least very close cousins.

When you say dark skinned, do you mean the skin or face? Many birds may have a black or mulberry colored face (like Sumatras). One bird i know of besides silkie/cemanis (and is here in the states) would be a Hmong qaib (hmong rooster). Typically dark meated birds raised for meat, i believe they were mostly silkie crosses but I'm not sure on that.

I am pretty sure it doesn't have white skin.

well I guess time will tell, I will wait a few weeks and see if it's just dark colored feathers that are making it's skin seem so dark or not.

will update sometime in the future
That EE laying on its back is adorable but still just a light-skinned EE. Pretty sure of it. Otherwise - Cemanis, Silkies, Sumatras (only parts of the body) are generally dark skinned. There are also some with very red skin (even the hens) but I don't know if you would call it dark.

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