What breeds of chickens are these


10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
We bought a box of probably week old chicks on Nov 15, 2008 at an auction. There was suppose to be 8 chicks in the box, after we got home and got them out of their cage we found we had an even dozen. All 12 lived; now we are deciding what kind of chickens we have. At almost 4 months old some of the hens are almost as large as full grown chickens. We think some are rhode island reds, the speckled one looks like either a rock or a dominecker. there are 2 that are colored up like a pheasant, but are rather large chickens at this age, see if yall can help me maybe, thanks a bunch it will make the missus happy to know what they may be, other than just chickens.

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