What can bring back to health an Anemic chicken


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I just found out my chickens wasting away problem is likely due to a heavy infestatoin of lice, I never saw them and I hold my chickens alot.
Vet said use ivomec on them but not sure dose. How do I help them recover from the anemia? How do I rid them ,all the other chickens and their enviroment safely of lice?
It would depend on what kind of lice they are. Ivomec should kill if they are indeed biting lice. If you bathe one of your chickens you would see blood in the water. I would do this to check it for sure, if you hold your birds all the time and have never seen anything.

You would need to dose, then dose again in a week or so because ivomec will not kill eggs. You might even have to do these dosing several weeks in a row.

I would spray everything down with permetherin.

There are others who use DE also, but I think if you have a heavy infestation, pesticides are necessary.

Edited to add use Ivermectin pour on for cattle 1 1/2 cc per gallon of water. Also add 1 tbsp of red cellper gallon to the water after your have wormed, refresh every day for a 3-4 days.
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Once you have treated you still need to address the anemic problem. Anemia is caused by not having enough iron in your system. In a person they would recommend iron supplements, I'm not sure if this is good for chickens or not so I would go with feeding cooked red meats. They are also high in iron and we know it is okay for chickens.
Red Cell is an iron supplement usually can be found in the horse section of feed stores or tack stores. It usually comes in gallon jugs, but sometimes you can find 1/2 gal size. It can be used for most animals and it's worth it to have it around. I give it to strays and such that are tick/flea infested.
I know this is an old post, but in case any one stumbles upon as I did. Some extra advice - Scrambled egg with layers pellets mixed in is perfect to help them fight off anemia!
I know this is an old post, but in case any one stumbles upon as I did. Some extra advice - Scrambled egg with layers pellets mixed in is perfect to help them fight off anemia!

Thanks. So true about the 'old post' -
I've only had chickens 3 years, have learned to treat the injuries but have yet to have a sick chicken . . . until bringing home 2 rescue chicks yesterday, a Light Sussex and a Buff Orp. About 8 to 10 weeks old, weakish, dirty (I bathed them ASAP with diluted Dawn dish soap), raised in a coop on medicated feed. Currently confined in a pen with a heat lamp, ad lib chick raiser (non-med), electrolytes in the water, outdoors today in a controlled area (garden) at mid-day - - -

Definitely appreciate suggestions to address probable anemia!
Old post or not, this was exactly what I needed! Ive lost several hens lately and tried my darnedest to figure out why, then found a TERRIBLE lice infestation on one of my roosters. Needless to say, I frantically powercleaned everything, soaked the walls and floors of the henhouse and coops with Pyrethrin and sprayed the heck out of everyone. Sick roo got a dose of ivermectin and Ive been hand-feeding him canned cat food for the past couple of days. My fingers are crossed that this will work, but Ill try to give him a layer pellet omelet, too.
I wish I would have come across this post sooner. Just lost my oldest and best bird today to what I can only guess was lice and anemia. I haven't had any birds long enough as I lose them to predators. I will be cleaning the coop really good and treating all the rest of my girls to make sure they stay healthy.

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