What Can We Do, What Would You Do?? Neighbor question...

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by wildcat chix, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. wildcat chix

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Barbourville, Kentucky
    Let's call this a 'hypothetical' question - If you knew your dog got its foot destroyed in a trap, or (more likely) a slamming door, how many days would you wait to do something about it??? Let's say the skin is GONE from andle to toe and you can clearly see the metatarsals (imagine peeling the skin away like a glove and you'll have an idea what it looks like...)
  2. fowl farm

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    May 9, 2012
    Well, if he acted normal, we'd probably try to bandage/clean it our selves, if possible. We has a cat that tore his bottom pad almost completely off. You could see bone, but we called the vet and they said not to bring him in, just keep it clean and, if possible, bandaged.
    But I would probably do something about it right away even if we didn't take him to a vet.
  3. Fly 2006

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    Apr 28, 2012
    Hampshire England
    Vet straight away, if I was in any doubt about treating any ailment or injury myself then any animal I own would see a vet, I wouldn't risk not getting profesional advice and in an incident such as you describe the poor dog would need pain killers, I can't imagine how that must hurt [​IMG]
  4. mickey328

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    May 4, 2012
    Northern Colorado
    If it was a Friday, I'd take it in that same day. If it was Sat or Sun, I'd see how the dog ws doing...definitely clean it and check it over to determine the severity. But animals tend to hide injuries so I'd be more likely to take it in right away...they'd likely need xrays to see if anything was broken. If they have upset tummies or things like that, I'm one to give them a little time and supportive therapy at home, but for injuries, I'd rather seek treatment asap.
  5. RHRanch

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    If there is no skin covering the foot, the dog will eventually die from that wound. He needs to go to the vet for a probable foot/leg amputation before he develops a severe infection that kills him. Poor dog.

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