What causes month old chicks to be half paralized??

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    I have 2 month old chicks that can't hardley walk.. One chick has One leg that is bent back behind it and the other chick is a litttle off balance.???? I'm goin to cull the worse one should I do the same to the other??? I know the one thats worse when it was in the house in the brooder the others kept picking at its foot and I had to keep a bandaid on it to keep them from bringing blood, but they pecked it so much it was kinda like the toe was dead, I'm pretty sure this is the same one. The one thats not so bad I found him layin on his back kinda like UHHH could you help me up? He's just a lil wabbly Idk they were fine a couple days ago, my hubbys fed the past few days..
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    Could it have been pecked on the head my another chick?

    Sorry about your chickie [​IMG]
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    Get some electrolyte water in them. Also, polyvisol (human infant vitamins, NO added iron) may help the dizzy one. One of mine is recovering from trauma and those have helped to keep her from toppling over as much. From what I understand some chicks get deficient in certain vits and end up all dizzy and lose their equilibrium.
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    I didn't see any signs of them being picked on. The one that is in the worse shape, its like its twisted in its hip he's pitiful, looks to be broke and bent backwards but I cant feel any breaks..

    The other curls its toes up an stands and is wabbly..

    Think the neighbor boy is here to take them.. I dont want them to suffer.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    basically they will never get better
    the one with dizziness is suffering from
    lack of Vit E and Vit B
    I posted a article on this this afternoon
    I will try and bring it back up for you to read
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    I had a chick recently that had a neruological problem and I had to cull her. During my research, I researched that if one leg is bent back and one is forward, could be Mareks disease.

    (My chick had both legs dangling and she couldn't walk. I found it was a vitamin deficiency, which was not bird-to-bird contagious.) The difference between the two seemed to be only the way the legs point. There is also slight variations of diseases if the toes are curled or straight. My chick had straight toes, which led me to believe it was a vit E deficiency.

    One other thing she did was bend her head alllll the way back over her back. It was so sad. I think Marek's looks a bit different - the book had a picture where the chick looked like she was sitting, but one leg was bent forward and the other back.

    I'm not sure if there's a cure for Marek's, I think it's fatal. I'm sorry to tell you, but it doesn't sound like your sweetie will recover. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hey, Thanks. I went ahead and had both culled. The one that was the worse with the bent leg, Its other leg was normal, He actually was getting around pretty good but I believe he had troubles from the begining. The other one was just like it was weak and wabbly. he'd hold his toes out straight and seemed to have good strength in them until he went to walk. Hes the one I found upside down, I kinda think maybe the rest sorta ganged up on him, Idk..I hope its not Mareks, The others with them seemed fine I'll have to keep and eye on them.

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