What causes splayed legs?


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Recently I've had a high number of chicks and ducklings with splayed legs (at least 2 per 6 hatched). At first I thought it was the floor of my incubator being a bit slippy so I fitted a non-slip mat but it doesn't seem to have worked. Thinking now it could be something to do with the incubation process I have a cabinet incubator that's forced air set at 99.5 and it stays constant humidity I try to keep around 40%. The babies legs go back to normal in a few days after they have been strapped but I'd like to figure out the cause.
thanks in advance x
Usually its the floor, what are you using under them in the brooder?
I use paper towel the first week it works good. Only one we had really hatched splayed but he was a runt and I think he was born weak (he still grew up to be the biggest jerk of all the roos)
I've switched to the rubbery shelf liner but it's still not having much effect. It only started when I switched to my new incubator so I'm at a loss to the cause
Not that I've noticed but I tend to lose track of which ones which. I have some Buttons on lockdown so will pay close attention. What would it mean if it were the last ones?
I have found that the ones that hatch later are the ones that have problems. Quail are the same way, anyone hatching after 17 1/2 days seems not to do well

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