What chickie possibilities will I have?

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    Hi genetics experts! I've been trying and can't wrap my little brain around this [​IMG] :

    I have barred rock hens and a roo, as well as buff orpington hens and a roo all in the same pen. What are the possible varieties? Obviously barred rocks and buff orpingtons, but I also thought black sexlink types? Any ideas? Thanks!
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    I think you would just have a barn yard mix if the buffs & BR's mate!! Most of your sex link breeds are from RIR's, BR's, RI White & Delawares!!

    ETA: If you do a search on sex links you'll find a few threads with some GREAT information that helps explain alot of it!
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    Your chick options are black barred males and females, buff males and females and solid black females.

    As well as your pure chicks your crosses will be...

    BR roo over BO hens = all black barred chicks

    BO roo over BR hens = black barred males and solid black females

    Have fun and post pics when they hatch. [​IMG]

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