What color are my showgirl chicks?


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Hurricane, WV
Ok, they have to be some kind of partridge because that's what they err supposed to be & they had the chipmunk stripes but they've always had a blueness to them so I'm thinking blue partridge? I'd like some more opinions though & also can you tell or is there anyway to tell their gender?

Partridge (regular - standard partridge) the underfluff is usually a slate blue color. Chicks of partridge parents can vary greatly, and can change a lot from chick to 6 months. The picture isn't the greatest (its really dark) so doesn't give a good representation of their color, but they look like partridge. Only time will tell if they will be more of a blue partridge or a 'regular' gold partridge.
Thank you for the reply, I should've taken pics of them outside while it was sunny because I agree the lighting is poor, I tried every darn room in my house too...hm

Again thank you (=

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