What color are other people's eggs? And who lives near Huntville, AL?

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    Jun 6, 2012

    I have a mixed group of Chickens that I purchased at seperate times and one hen RIR went very broodie - I bought some eggs for her to hatch and she did a fine job. Copper Marans. Some of my other hens had laid in with the "hatchable eggs" and I could barely tell the difference. So I was trying to work out which hen lays what!
    Most of the hens I had then have been killed by a neighbours dog - only two surviving - both RIR's. SO I am guessing they lay dark nice round shaped eggs.

    We then got 5 red stars, 1 atstrope (sp) a white hen that we don't know what she is ( small) and 6 black giants.
    The other hens started laying before the black giants so I belived the dark eggs were coming the from then. No I am not sure, I am getting cream colored eggs, ones that look like elongated footballs. Between 8 - 12 eggs a day - but the big brown ones every day.

    Any help??
    Anyone what to send me photos of their hens of the same variety and egg photos?

    Secondly, I am looking at changing out some of my hens even though all but two are fresh layers starting about 2-3 months ago. (the 2 year old ones lay every day) :)

    I don;t want the football eggs, they don;t fit into any egg cartons and people don;t choose them from a basket either.

    Does anyone live near Huntsville, AL, that breeds chickens that may have some for sale that are going to start laying soon?


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