What color EE shall I breed my purebred Americaunas with ? Many Pics

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    Aug 11, 2010
    This may be long winded but here goes. Keep scrolling down, lol. I raised only game birds. I purchased some bright blue EE eggs on Ebay and hatched a brood of 5 beautiful EEs.


    They grew into one large roo and 4 beautiful hens with large muffs that lay beautiful blue eggs. Here they are in summer 2011


    They lay incredibly fertile blue eggs and I have been selling them on Ebay and hatching dozens to sell at auction. Tons of little copies of the original four hens. People love 'em.



    This spring I purchased 8 'purebred eggs from a breeder and hatched them out. 4 chicks were born.


    I now have two pure hens, one blue, one black, and two pure roos, one blue, one black. They are perfect, the color is magnificent, but not quite ready yet. These two roos will be my only roos in the spring and I need to cross them with some of the EE hens pictured. My question is what color EE hens would be the best to experiment with ? Basically they are mostly brown, mostly silver, or mostly white. What is the dominant gene color? What goes with what ? ie Pure Black on EE Silver. All are great looking Americaunas with the expressive eyes, pea combs, and red ears, but the green legs and incorrect feather color, make them EEs. I am not interested in trendy designer chickens, but I think so much of the look, cold hardy origins, the way the the younger ones look like birds of prey, the great temperament, and the good egg production, that I have begun to sell off my Coturunix Quail and Mallards, and I am converting to Americaunas. I will always have the Bobs and Pheasants, lol.



    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Color is unpredictable in EE's, too many colors at work there, but with black I think you will get alot of black with some color leakage.

    That to me is the great thing about EE's though, so many different colors and patterns.
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    I'd stick with the blue roo. You'll end up with some great coloring with all of your girls that way.

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