What Color is She ?? ----- New Pics Added of others!


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I hope it is a She anyhow...she's a little ruffed up from her trip home... but what color is this? She looks like she has darker shades in the pic, but in person she is more the lighter shade.

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Cameo or purple Pied, hope for a male, as its a sex link, can produce cameo female chick with any color hen, if a male.

Does it have barring on the back feathers? I dont see any so would be female.

Cant produce cameo chicks without a male cameo or split cameo. Same with purple

To dark for a peach.
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Yes good idea to ask about parents, that can instantly answer on sex of purples/cameos if known.

I agree, looked purple in first pic but second kind of looks light. Never had cameo so can't answer that.. I do say it appears to be female as it appears to be very evenly colored.

In any case, here is a picture of a Purple female(I know it's a purple cuz it's mine):


This bird is a split white btw, yours is a pied.
That looks like her but like you said she has pied. I could prob get a male too, LOL.

This is the types of peas I have:

3 Midnight Blue - I think 1 Female others male (all 5 months)

4 Whites- 1 young Hen,( 3 others unknown sex, 3-5 months)

1 BS Male

1 Pied Male

2 IB Males

7 IB Hens

And this new one.....

When they get old enough for breeding I'm not sure who should be with who.....

Here are a few pics.....

The 3 Midnights ........ any guess on sex of the 3 ?



My Pied male


My IB Male


My Young BS Male - he has more black now.....
If you don't get a purple male, you could try breeding her with the pied peacock or a white male? If he or the white does not have the purple gene, none of the chicks will be purple.. but all of the sons out of her will be "split for purple".

For example.. pied peacock x pied purple hen= 1/4 white, 1/2 pied, 1/4 dark pied. No purples.. but ALL male chicks will be split for purple.

So if you keep say, a white male or a purple pied from this and breed him back to the purple pied hen, this will throw 50% purple chicks in both sexes.. (of course can't see the purple on a white bird)

BTW I meant to add.. your chick is still young, but an important difference between purple and cameo, purples get the shiny feathers on neck, cameo never get this. So you will know which one it is by 6 months old..
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